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International Dead Body Transportation

International Dead Body Transportation

Human Remains Transfer is the best for International Dead Body Transportation by Air to Bring home the dead body of your near and dear ones. It happens in many families, or one gets to hear different stories about bringing home the mortal remains of near and dear ones. Although bringing back the body back home of someone who had died in a foreign country is a very complicated, complex and lengthy process, it can be brought back to the state to perform the last rites. It is always best to take help from some of the best Dead Body International Air Transport Services agency that has offices in the country where the person expired.  However, for dead body transport in international flight to bring it back home one should follow the proper guidelines.

The process:

As the dead body is kept in a good moratorium so that it doesn’t decay one need to register the death at the Indian High Commission or consulate. This registration should be submitted along with certain documents.

  • The Death Certificate needs to be attached along with the registration application for international dead body transportation by air
  • A detailed police report that is written in English is to be submitted too.
  • A consent letter must be attached along with the submission, and the family should give the consent for international Dead Body Transport by Air in India.
  • The copy of the visa also needs to be attached along with the death registration application.
  • The copy of the passport of the deceased needs to be with the application too.

As the death registration process is done for international transporting dead bodies by air back home, one needs to get the clearance from the immigration department of the country. It is also necessary to embalm the body for air transfers. If however the death is due to some strange reason and needs police investigation, then the process may get much delayed until the investigation is over. 

If one has some relatives or family friends staying in the same country as the relative who died overseas, their help can be taken or assistance can be taken from the Indian Embassy. One can also appoint an international dead body transport services agency in case there is no one to help and authorize them to get the matter done on your behalf. 

These agencies are expert in this matter, and they know all the rules and regulations and the processes so that one gets the international & Domestic Dead Body Transportation Services by Air.  Although they charge to provide the service, things are done correctly. It may be worth mentioning here that to fly back the dead body home from a foreign country to India might take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks and in some cases more than that. Therefore one should be in regular touch with the concerned authorities overseas either personally or through the international dead body transport services agency.


Though the process of bringing back the body of the deceased to the motherland, died overseas, is a lengthy and complicated matter, it can still be brought back to the country for cremation.  One should keep patience and can appoint an agency to do things correctly

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