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Ground Ambulance Services in Dubai and Worldwide

Ground Ambulances are the first point of contact at the time of emergency. Considering such importance, we offer exclusive ground ambulances at any part of the world. Our vast experience in this field, makes us a superlative market player.

We provide Level 4 (Basic Life Support) and Level 6 (Advance Cardiac Life Support) ground ambulances with well-experienced medical staff and trained ambulance operators.

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Our Service Highlights

Running ICCU

Human Care World Wide have a successful track record of delivering ACLS ambulances which has saved numerous lives in past. Our ACLS ambulances comprise of Ventilator, Syringe Pump, Ambu Pump, Suction Machine, Monitor, Oxygen cylinder, Stretcher, Emergency Medicines, etc. All equipment used are of renowned and preeminent companies in the market which delivers the best facility to the patient.

24*7 Alarm Center

We have dedicated full time alarm centers in Dubai and India which provides 24*7 service to our global clients.

Bed to Bed Transfer

Our ground ambulance service includes of taking the patient from their house bed and dropping them on the hospital bed or visa versa. During the transfer, the patient is provided extensive care by our professional Medical and Operating staff.

GPS Enabled Ambulances

Ambulances provided by Human Care World Wide are GPS enabled which helps the clients for tracking purpose.

Latest and Upgraded Equipment

We don’t compromise on life and therefor we focus on delivering best service to our clients. In order to deliver quality, we use modern and the Grade A medical equipment which enables the medical staff to perform their best in order to save life.

Top Model Vehicle

Human Care World Wide always focuses on delivering a smooth transfer, this influences us to provide a top ambulance van considering international standards which provide a comfort experience to the patient during transfer.

Highly Experienced Medical Team

Our ground ambulances are not only well equipped but also comprise with well trained and experienced Medical staff. According to the scenario and client’s requirements, we afford proficient doctors and paramedics who are well trained under critical circumstances.

Trained Ambulance Operators

The main task of an ambulance is to transfer the patient at the destination on time. Our Ambulances are been operated by trained professional which provide swift service taking the utmost care of the patient’s comfort

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