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Home Care Services

For Home Care Services we have a team of experts who work together and support the patient’s 24*7 wherever and whenever they need. The consultation with high divination and optimization of the situation is provided. With the help of the experienced and the qualified caregivers we are available at your services without any delay at affordable prices.
Human Care WorldWide is committed to keep you all safe at home, as it is the safest and secured place to be. We are always ready to help you with extraordinary protocols. For ensuring, we provide best of us and with constant communication.
Home Care Service

Our Service Highlights

24*7 Nursing care

When we love someone eternally, we care about that person with all our heart. While suffering from the issues we need proper assistance with all the major availability whether it’s housekeeping or medical monitoring. So with a pledge we take that security to provide and ensure full time care and services in Dubai and India 24*7.

24*7 Alarm Center

We have dedicated full time alarm centers in Dubai and India which provides 24*7 service to our global clients.

Constant Doctor’s visit

The best medical manpower is provided at one call even at homes. As it’s our duty to provide the best medical aid to the patient. He or she periodically reviews and responds to what is the best option to do for the next step.

Hospital setup with basic case

According to the doctor’s approval the needs are provided at home without any compromise. Because we provide the best of ourselves. The range of home care services for a patient is generally limitless.

Oxygen and IV set-up.

Any kind of oxygen or IV set-up monitoring required is provided without any hold. With careful service selection and clinical judgements and known risk factors. But explicitly the doctor’s tell the patient’s family about the situation and the next step that should be taken immediately.

Quarantine facility with medical support.

As a base, the management provides all the essential care for positive patient’s. With all the needs whether it is an isolation or medical kit. As we focus on the reduction of the disease and take care according to the environmental health conditions.

Elderly care

Elderly services add up the bathing till making the person sleep at night. To provide the best care to the oldies and the goldies we infuse a high level of patience and politeness. The continuous caretaking or the long- term assistance is alloted to you, as it is our goal to lend a helping hand to the people.

Medical Dressing

Right medical dressing becomes inevitable. The assistance of caring turns out to be a boon. Whether you suffer from bed sores or any infected wound we care at home with our trained and caring doctors and nurses to promote quick healing.

Post Operative Support

The main goal of postoperative care is prevention. Thereby we ensure you to complete the healings of the surgical incision. We also take care or we aim to reinstate prior physical form and mental health.


The effectiveness in helping patients in restoration of their health is the most amazing part of the day in doctors’ lives. With affordable and accountable prices we help you to goodbye all your worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment at home.

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