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Commercial Air Ambulance

Commercial Air Ambulance

Commercial Air Ambulance is the need of the hour. As people are migrating across the globe and air ambulance is the only alternative to repatriate the patients to their desired locations. It is indeed a time saving option wherein in the patient can reach its desired destination in a limited time frame resulting in saving lives.

With such useful options, air ambulance does comprise of corns in terms of costing. It is one of the most expensive service one can avail in the healthcare segment. This acts as a barrier making patients opt for economical options like ground ambulance or medical arrangements nearby.

Air ambulance service in uttar pradesh

Here commercial Airlines do provide a supportive hand in fulfilling the patient’s ambition to get treater at their desired destination. We can repatriate a patient as a stretcher case or as a wheel chair pax. These services include providing stretcher facility on board along with Oxygen support under supervision of professional medical crew. Commercial Air ambulance do provide an economical option to the patient where the cost of the serves is approx. 60% lesser than the private charter air ambulance service. This economical factor has diverted people’s attention towards commercial air ambulances services and every 6th air repatriation is done via commercial airlines in today’s time as per the worldwide market trend.

Mode of Evacuation in Commercial Airlines

1. As a Stretcher Case in Economy Class

The most demanded service today is transferring patients as a stretcher case in the commercial airlines. Being economical in nature and having well vast medical facilities on board, patient transfer has taken a new route towards attainment wherein, critical patients on ventilator support can also be transferred in commercial airlines. Such transfers are precisely planned & performed by professional medical & non-medical team in association with the scheduled airlines. A comfortable aeromedical stretcher is stationed within the aircraft by the aeromedical engineers on which the patient is positioned in a lying down posture. Such stretcher is well designed considering the comfort of the patient and the privacy is also taken care by hanging curtains. A team of aeromedical trained, Critical Care Expert Medical Crew accompanies the patient along with all the necessary equipment as per the patient’s requirements. Neonatal cases can also be transferred as a stretcher case including incubator.

2. As Wheelchair Pax in Business Class

Transferring patients as a wheelchair in business class is the most suitable option for the patients who are non-critical. A specialized business class seat is reserved for the patient where the patient gets a comfortable full-flat bed seat on which the patient commences his/her journey. An aeromedical trained, Medical Crew will accompany the patient along with all the necessary equipment and oxygen support as per the patient’s requirements. This mode of transfer is the most economical option in evacuating one patient almost cutting down 70-80 % of the cost as compared to the private charted air ambulance. .

Service Highlights

The most cost-effective option, cutting down almost 60-80% of the air ambulance cost

Sky ICCU facilities on board will be provided.

●  Critical patients can be transferred on the in-built aeromedical Stretcher.

Neonatal Case can also be transferred.

Non-Critical patients can be transferred in Business class along with oxygen support.

Bed-to-Bed transfer facility.

Hospitalization Assistance at destination can be provided.

An End-to-End service

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