Corpse Transfer

Corpse Transfer

Human Care World Wide is providing service of corpse transfer since 2004. Such experience has provided us the expertise in delivering such service at highest level. We lead the global market as we are acknowledged to be the most reliable company in the world when it comes to transferring corpse from one destination to another. Our global placement reaches almost every expatriate and we do provide such service from and to any part of the world. Transferring corpse includes various procedures to be accomplished and this is where our proficiency comes into play.

 We take care of the entire course of action including documentation needed and body preparation process. The process of embalming is been carried by team of qualified and experienced professionals which enable the human body to remain intact for certain duration. Our services are been offered via Air and Ground mode of transport.

Our Service Highlights

One Stop Solution

The clients have to just inform us their requirements and we take care of the rest procedure on their behalf.

Embalming Process

The Embalming process is one of the most crucial and obligatory part in transferring corpse. Our experienced and professional team take extensive care of the human remains and perform the process in a very methodical and professional manner.

Professional and well-trained Team

Understanding the sad situation, our team of professionals provides a guiding and supportive hand to the relative of the late. Our team has the ability to handle every phase of the transfer in a professional manner which aims at a smooth and hassle-free transfer.

Coffin Packing

After the completion of entire process the dead body will be air sealed and placed in the cascade/coffin and is been carried out by a professional team wherein special care is observed in order to have a smooth transfer.

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