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Dead Body Transfer By Train

Dead Body Transfer By Train

Human Remain Transfer is the place for 24/7 Dead Body Transportation by Train to move quickly. It is not possible for everybody to bring back the dead body of the near and dear ones back home either airlifting or through road transportation as they incur many expenses. Moreover, even if it is possible the road or the air connectivity is not direct and might need much time and added expenditure. However one can take the services of the railways for Dead Body Transport by Train in India. Indian railways have an extensive network throughout the country, and they connect some of the remotest of places at a low price. The vast and fast network enables the family of the deceased to take Dead Body Transport Services by Train (Railway) and transporting to any part of the country efficiently.

It is always better to take the help of some professional dead body transport agency as they all know the norms. 

To transport a Dead Body from One Indian City to Another is not just a challenging task. But also a tough task. You can transport the body by ambulance. There is a possibility to also transport via train. There are many helpline numbers when contacted could help you make the travel easier.

Many people try to transport a dead body by train to perform the last rites in their own city. Besides an ambulance, a train is one of the options to consider because of the wider connection across India. But the process is not that easy. There are certain procedures that you need to follow to transport a dead body. There is some documentation as well that needs to complete for train cargo approval.

The method

As the dead body is received from the hospital or from the place where the person died, along with the death certificate, one should immediately proceed to the nearest police station to get the No objection Certificate that allows the transportation of the dead body by rain to another place.  After receipt of the NOC, it is time to contact an agency that does the embalming injecting some chemicals in the body of the deceased so that it does not perish. When one carries a dead body through train transport, the body is carried in the luggage van attached to the train, and that is not air-conditioned. Therefore embalming is must else the body might perish.

After embalming in needs to be put in a coffin with proper care as per the railway norms and brought to the station along with all the relevant documents. It is better to carry the body till station in an air-conditioned vehicle to keep it cool as long as possible.  The body should reach at least two hours before departure of the desired train in through which dead Body Transport by Train will take place.

After paying the requisite fee for the luggage van fare which is very nominal and complete of documentation the body is handed over to the railways for loading in the luggage van. Some of the family members should travel in the same train so that the transfer dead body from train can be done quickly at the desired station of disembarking.

As already expressed that the railways have a vast network throughout the country, therefore it is possible to transfer a dead body from one place to another taking the services at a cheap rate. They connect almost all places where no flight goes or takes days to reach by road. However, it is always better to engage an experienced dead body transfer agency so that everything is done smoothly without wasting any time and following all the rules and regulations.


 It is the railways that turn to be a true friend for transporting a dead body at low cost and to the remotest corners of the country. At least one can have a satisfaction that the mortal remains of the deceased who expired out of town at some other place are brought back home to perform the last rituals

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