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Air Ambulance services in Colombia

Air Ambulance services in Colombia

Whether you need a scheduled air ambulance, emergency Air ambulance , or a medical escort on a commercial flight to or from Colombia, Humancare world wide  is your safest option for medical travel.

In fact, our focus on customer satisfaction, unblemished safety record, and adherence to stringent medical protocol have earned us the prestigious EURAMI accreditation as well as a gold rating from ARGUS. Whether you or a loved one have had an accident and need to be transported for emergency medical treatment or have suffered a serious illness while travelling in Colombia, Humancare world wide  is here to assist.


Our full-service medical air transport services include:

  • Medical escort – Ideal for older, senior citizen patients who need assistance during flights to or from Colombia.
  • Bedside-to-bedside service, which includes a medical professional from our team flying with the patient commercially and attending to their needs.
  • Air ambulance service for patients transferring from to one medical facility to another within Colombia or between Colombia and almost anywhere else in the world.
  • At least two highly experienced medical professionals accompanying each patient.
  • In most cases, patients can have a loved one accompany them on an air ambulance at no extra charge, which helps relieve stress during the trip.


Our team includes seasoned, fulltime pilots and skilled medical professionals (including physicians) who possess ER or ICU/CCU experience. The aircraft in our private fleet are specially equipped to function as flying air ambulances. Our medical jets are equipped for each flight, whether the needs are for a COVID medevec flight or a flying intensive care unit and are maintained in accordance with the most stringent safety standards.

In addition:

  • We provide fully trained, experienced doctors and nurses who specialize in emergency care, geriatric care, obstetrics, respiratory, and pediatric care.
  • Our full-time, seasoned pilots are veterans in the industry, with deep flight experience
  • We obtain a full medical report on the patient prior to transfer to ensure there is no interruption in medical care
  • We manage all logistics of your medical flight from start to finish to make your trip easy to book and tailored to the specific condition of the patient
  • Our dedicated team of insurance specialists work diligently to obtain any coverage reimbursements possible



Humancare world wide  medical flights are staffed by the highest caliber of medical professionals and pilots. Our medical have specialized expertise in pediatrics, Advanced Trauma Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Our pilots are also held to the highest standard of safety and expertise. Each pilot is required to have a spotless safety record and hundreds of hours of certified flight time logged. If you or your loved one requires air ambulance services to or from Colombia, you can rest assured that Humancare world wide  will provide safe, efficient service.

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If you or a loved one have been injured while boating, diving, fishing or otherwise needs a medical evacuation, we can help. Our private medical jets can fly into smaller airfields to better facilitate a Air ambulance  from remote and resort areas. Call today to discuss your Colombia medical flight or commercial medical escort.



Humancare world wide  is networked with strategic partners across the globe, and we receive daily correspondence informing us of connecting flights that our partners have available. This provides Humancare world wide  with an excellent opportunity to save you money on your patient transfer by combining your needs with an existing flight. Quite frequently, we can connect with empty legs of these flights to reduce costs due to fewer miles flown.


Each Colombia medical flight is individually quoted and depends on several factors. These factors can include the level of care the patient needs, the distance to be traveled, the current location of the airplanes and more. Our dedicated Colombia Medical Flight Specialists will work with you and your specific situation to generate a flight quote that is as competitive as possible.

With representatives available 24/7, call today for your custom Colombia Medical Flight quote.