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Air Ambulance service in Dallas

Air Ambulance service in Dallas

Medical Transport

Whether you need medical air transportation for a loved one who is ill or a  flight for an injured person to or from the Metro Dallas region, Humancare world wide can help; from scheduling to ground transportation to and from airports to expert medical care on the flight. Whether you or your patient needs private, emergency transport via Dallas Love Field, Dallas/Ft. Worth International or Dallas Executive Airport, or requires a qualified medical professional to oversee their condition during commercial air travel, we have medical experts and proven services to meet your needs.


Our full-service medical flight services include:

Bed-to-bed service, which includes coordinating ground transportation, facility-to-facility protocols, medical treatment on your flight and communication with family members throughout the process

Air ambulance service for patients transferring from to one medical facility to another within Texas or between Dallas and other cities in the U.S., Mexico or almost anywhere around the globe

Seasoned pilots with thousands or hours of flight time logged as well as a medical team with extensive emergency and ICU experience including geriatric, neonatal, pediatric and emergency specializations.

Assistance with verifying medical necessity with insurance companies

Medical escort services for non-critical and senior citizen patients who need assistance on commercial flights to or from Dallas, TX and surrounding areas


Whether you or your loved one needs to transfer to another facility to seek treatment elsewhere or has been injured in an accident, Humancare world wide can provide the services needed for most emergency and non-emergency medical flights. We can help transfer or transport to UT Southwestern Medical Center, Baylor University Medical Center, Parland Health System and Hospitals, Texas Health Hospitals and more to provide efficient, highly qualified medical air transportation.



Humancare world wide is ready to take every step necessary to protect your little one and ensure that your  patient’s specific medical needs are taken care of during their air ambulance flight. Our specialized aircraft are equipped to handle almost any  health condition during the flight, and our medical staff are specially trained in emergency and neonatal intensive care to provide the best care available for your little patient. Our flight coordinators and standing by 24/7, 365 to coordinate every aspect of the process and make sure that every medical protocol is adhered to and meticulously monitored.



Medical flights costs vary greatly depending on what type of aircraft is needed, the total distance traveled and many other factors, but our flight coordinators can discuss options with you and will work tirelessly to find the most competitive pricing possible. The total cost will be determined by our dedicated Dallas/Ft. Worth flight coordinators who are available 24/7 to provide a quote for your medical flight.


Humancare world wide has representatives available 24/7, 7 days a week. Call today for your custom Dallas  medical flight quote.