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Air Ambulance service in Ahmedabad

Air Ambulance service in Ahmedabad

Human Care Air Ambulance is known as one of the best air ambulance services in Ahmedabad provides us with Air Ambulance that is basically vehicles such as helicopters or private jets. All the required medical equipment that might be required to save patients’ life is equipped in these vehicles. The invention of Air Ambulance Company was made possible to get the patients to the health care center on time and to increase the possibility of medical aid available to remote areas. Highly qualified and well-trained professionals are recruited in them for giving the required first aid as well as medical care. Even in disaster management, these have been proven to be most effective.

Ahmedabad is the fastest growing city and the best city to live in Gujarat, India, according to recent reports, which shows the incredibility of the city. As we say that it is the fastest-growing city it must provide facilities like Affordable Air Ambulance Services at The airport, which is located in Hansol, 9 km (5.6 mi) north of central Ahmedabad, Gujarat named Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. it is an international airport serving the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Just because they weren’t able to get to the hospital at the very crucial stage of their life as needed, most of the people, especially in India, lose their life. Human Care Air Ambulance’s air ambulance service in Ahmedabad will provide the emergency medical needs for those people who are living in the outskirts and places far from the city. Our services are ready to be provided to various parts of India may that be located anywhere in India, from our present hubs at Ahmedabad, Patna, Ranchi and Kerala. we have recruited highly professional, Well-trained, full-fledged, highly experienced medical staff for critical and emergency situations for patients and victims who are in severe condition.

At air ambulance service in Ahmedabad Our staff members are well trained in emergency care protocols that need to be completed in the pre-hospital phase. All of them are taken into our Human Care Air Ambulances only after being strictly tested on their abilities. Over a decade back itself, Human Care Air Ambulance Hospitals had got its expertise in air ambulance emergency services all over India. After the launches of air ambulance services in Ahmedabad, Patna, Kerala, and Ranchi also Human Care Air Ambulance has observed a gradual increase in the number of patients who are utilizing these services at us.

Thanks to our partnerships that we have could across India with many aviation companies, that we are able to transfer hundreds of patients in a year by air to hospitals on an average. These helicopters are not similar to any ordinary helicopters. These have been manufactured solely work intention of transporting patients in an emergency. In all the air transfers, a medical crew with experience in emergency departments is made available to take care of the patients. Exclusively for air transportation, you can get the best air ambulance service at Ahmedabad as we have recruited the staff that is well trained and highly qualified and involve emergency physicians and paramedics. Also, we provide services of pediatric patients who require intensive care than others.

Almost all the emergency conditions are covered by us including all types of accidents and emergency At the affordable cost by Ahmedabad air ambulance services and also can be used to shift patients in critical conditions as on-board, our services can be used to keep all the life-saving equipment. Even organs like heart, liver, kidneys and many others from brain dead patients for transplantation into emergency patients situated at different locations are transported in our air Ambulances. Our air ambulance services are made accessible to the patients all over the south, central and northern India due to the expansion of our network and the existing services.

Best Air ambulance service in Ahmedabad

Our main Moto is to offer nice and qualified aero-scientific services throughout India right away in any sort of emergency conditions. Our imaginative and prescient is to bring the highest causes of death in emergency conditions, to the least viable cause. We have been working with most effective a single motive of saving the lives of several human beings at their important hour.

  • Medical transfers: In emergency or disaster conditions, most of the patients require immediate hospitalization. Delay in ground transport may lead to the death of such patients. In such situations, it becomes necessary to transfer the patient by air. Our services have been proven to be more than effective in such transfers.
  • Trauma emergency transfers: Even in emergencies, some trauma-related conditions need medical assistance from the very second the patient gets injured. Even while the patient is being transferred, medical assistance becomes a must. This requires medical equipment to be available in the vehicle being used to transfer. Provide our patients with all this equipment needed every time.
  • Planned air transfer: There are some patients who have no emergency but need to attend the hospital for their treatment. However, they can’t be taken to the hospital like everyone else. Due to this, they require specialized air transfer to the hospitals that are also provided by us. Also, medical assistance is provided to them on board by our specialized crew.
  • Organ Retrieval: In many of the brain dead patients, organs are still in working condition and can be made use of they are transplanted into others bodies. The complication is that these organs won’t stay alive for too long outside the body. This is why they need to be transported by air to reach the destination on time. We have a specialized crew for such transfers.
  • ECMO transfers: ECMO that stands for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation is a life-saving procedure, which also is provided by us to severely ill patients. Crew specialized in it are also provided by us on board.
  • Neonatal and Pediatric transfer: Unlike adults, conditions get serious to pediatric patients and neonatal. They require special attention and Pediatricians on board. We always have all the specializations covered on board.
  • High-risk obstetric patients: Similar to those pediatric patients, even geriatric patients need special assistance which is provided by us along with excellent hospitality.
  • Disaster management: During disasters, there is a large need for such air ambulances. We have large air ambulances that can take more than one patient at a time to hospitals without delay.
  • Evacuation flight: Even if people need to be evacuated from a place prior to a disaster, we provide our services by expert’s help. Some of such evacuations might be earthquakes, volcanoes, war zones, biomedical hazards, etc…

Affordable Air Ambulance Company in Ahmedabad

All you need to do is contact our emergency response service and provide primary information available, regarding the emergency and other disasters These details may include the cause for injury, age, gender and physical condition of the patient along with the number of patients at the site where the incident took place.

After assessment of the medical condition of the patient by your answers to cardinal questions by our paramedic on call, you will be provided with on-call First aid service which might be needed to manage patient’s health conditions steadily as our medical help is on the way.

The mode of Transportation whether to be Ground and/or Air Ambulance will be determined by our paramedic or doctor who will be alerting the emergency dispatch management unit. Also, the equipment needs will be informed to get them arranged without any delay.

Initially, onsite primary medical care will be provided by the ground ambulance, which later shifts the Patient to the nearest health care center to preserve the crucial hour of the patient’s life. Also, the patient’s condition is assessed at this stage only, to make sure that all the required equipment and medical aid is made available to patients on the way to air ambulance or onboard too.

Patient if needed is then transferred to the helicopter landing zone, which is predetermined by our network in the ground ambulance. Even in the air ambulance, paramedics, nurses, doctors and specialists along with pediatricians are present to take care of the patients while they are on board and if any first aid is to be given to them.

After landing at a destination landing zone, which is set to be the nearest available hospital required for treating the patient, the patient will be taken to the nearest hospital among many of those, which are incorporated in our network, for immediate care.

We provide all these services at the Affordable cost when compared to many other companies. We charge on an hourly basis which makes it convenient and affordable. Due to an increase in requirements, we too are expanding in numbers and are setting up our branches in many other places across India, so that we could become accessible to anyone who is in need of us anywhere in India from north to south and east to west.

Why Choose Us?

Our medical team is properly skilled and highly qualified. We are punctual and experienced in saving lives. we are providing the most inexpensive and excellent in quality among the many other companies. We provide tailor-made answers to our sufferers as now not they all have equal requirements. In Ahmedabad, Our air ambulance services are furnished with global requirements to our sufferers. We have many multi-specialist hospitals linked to our services for clean patient access and top emergency air ambulance services at its best. we are available 24/7 for sufferers. Our fulfillment in life-saving is very excessive as compared to many different such agencies in India. We even are increasing our services to international Soon in India, we are able to be amongst the nice in India to provide worldwide air transfer hospitals if the sufferers in our air ambulance are in want of them and will afford international transport. via our air ambulances services along with skilled paramedics at an affordable cost on time.

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