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5 Reasons Why Air Ambulance Is The Ideal Mode Of Transport For Rapid Organ Transfer To Save Lives.

Organ Transfer

5 Reasons Why Air Ambulance Is The Ideal Mode Of Transport For Rapid Organ Transfer To Save Lives.

Air medical services could also be a collective term covering the use of air transportation, airplane or helicopter, to take patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident sites. Personnel provides essential pre-hospital care to all or any or any kinds of patients during aeromedical evacuation. They also perform rescue operations aboard helicopter and propeller aircraft or jet aircraft. Several people in India aren’t getting medical attention within the golden hour, which is crucial in saving lives. Where it’ll take the ambulances 20 minutes to succeed in the scene, medevac has the power to achieve in 10 minutes.

Air Ambulance

An air ambulance, a special helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transports injured or sick people during a medical emergency. They need the power to succeed in the remote areas where the wheeled ambulance won’t reach. Furthermore, fixed-wing planes transfer emergency patients overseas in a matter of hours. 

Also, traffic control (ATC) grants special treatment to air ambulance operations, almost like a ground ambulance using lights and a siren. Only they’re actively operating on a patient. When this happens, the air ambulance aircraft chooses to sign MEDEVAC and receive priority handling within the air and on the land.

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Organ Transplant And Transport

A transplant comprises of an operation during which, a failed or damaged organ gets surgically replaced with another organ donated by a healthy person. The method of organ transplantation requires many medical conditions suitable for both the donor and, therefore, the recipient. Moreover, it becomes tough to seek an appropriate transplant partner. Although a miraculous find, unfortunately, organ transplantation may be limited by the timely transport of organs. During a scenario, where organ transplants’ demand goes beyond the limit and much above the availability. Though with fewer donors than people expecting an appropriate life-saving transplant, timely organ transport becomes essential. 

Reasons For Need Of Air Ambulance

1. Race Against Time

Finding transplanted organs on your own is difficult. If you’re lucky enough to seek a fit donor, you certainly don’t want to risk the recipient’s life due to a slow vehicle. The air ambulance is 100% safe for sensitive organs, just like the heart, kidneys, and liver. The selection of an ambulance is extremely important within the transportation process. It’s essential to make sure that planes and pilots are always available and begin on time.

2. Organ Life

Human cell tissue degrades the longer you spend without oxygen. Ultimately, More damage begins with the organs’ inability to transplant. “Harvested organs are washed in a refrigerant, commonly mentioned to as cold ischemic storage. The cooler the organs, the lower the necessity for oxygen to take care of cell health. The time it takes for an organ to be fully cooled for storage outside the physical body differs according to the organ. For kidneys, it can take up to 24 hours; for liver for up to 10 to fifteen hours; and for the guts, the utmost time is four to 6 hours, with most hearts transplanted within four hours.

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3. Fast Arrangements

A private plane for organ transplantation can be arranged in a very short time. This is often necessary when people suddenly die and badly need their organs. Many organs are transported within 6-10 hours. During this case, organs are harvested and transported directly from the hospital to the airport. They come packed in special containers that, maintain a particular temperature to take care of the organs’ quality.

4. Aerial Advantage

To transport organs faster or patients for the transplant your best choice appears to be air ambulance. Safe transportation with medical facilities and repair personnel for all emergencies

An ambulance is the fastest thanks to getting organs in fitness to the recipient of the transplanted organ

5. Access To Remote Areas

The air ambulance can reach areas where the ground ambulances cannot reach. So, if there is a donor far away in a remote location, the plane will reach faster to the place and then back to the hospital.


Overall, Air ambulances are vital in terms of organ transportation. With the race against time and other factors present, it is the best option for safe and fast delivery to save patients’ lives