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Air Ambulance Services: Patient Care During Transport Is Our Priority

Air Ambulance Services: Patient Care During Transport Is Our Priority

People in the older times faced a problem that cost them their lives. The problem was not finding a good hospital nearby on time. The good hospitals are far away, and by the time the ambulances reach and take the patient to the hospital, it is too late. But, with the progressing times, the ambulance services are improving drastically. Moreover, Air Ambulance Care comes in use by several hospitals around the world to ensure the safe traveling of the patient. Air Ambulance Care has the capability to reach to the remotest part of the country to pick up a patient for help. 

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What Is An Air Ambulance?

Air medic services is a broad term referring to the application of air transport to transport patients to and from medical aid centers and accident scenes. Personnel provides the much needed emergency and essential care to all or any sorts of patients during MEDEVAC or rescue operations aboard helicopter and propeller aircraft or jet aircraft.

The use of air transportation to supply medevac on the battlefield dates to war I, but its role has broadened during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Aircraft came in use to help for civilian emergencies. Helicopters bring specialist care to the scene and take patients to specialist hospitals, especially in major trauma cases. Fixed-wing aircraft come in use for far-distanced traverse. Air medical services deliver non-emergency healthcare like GP appointments in some remote areas. 

An air ambulance refers to a specially medically equipped helicopter or aircraft that transports injured people in a medical emergency or over distances or terrain impractical for a standard ground ambulance. The fixed-wing plane also is more often wont to move patients over long distances and for repatriation from foreign countries. These and related operations get termed as aeromedical. In some circumstances, an equivalent aircraft could also be wont to look for missing or wanted people.

Air ambulances are fitted with medical equipment vital to monitoring and treating injured or ill patients like ground ambulances. General equipment for air ambulances includes medications, ventilators, ECGs and monitoring units, CPR equipment, and stretchers.

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Why Is Patient Care Important?

Transporting a high-risk patient is a tasking job. It does not stop at just putting them into the air ambulance. The patient has to be looked after at all times to ensure a safe flight and get them here on time for treatment. For this purpose, flying doctors are always available. Flying doctors are the professionals who provide Air Ambulance care. These professionals make sure that the patient gets looked after, and no such inconvenience should increase. The family of the patient is already suffering from the condition..

Moreover, the amount of money the family is paying is too humongous figures to the company. Air ambulance care can go to the high-risk areas where roads are nonexistent and can take up to 3x what it is. So the patient gets transported with the utmost care and speed, so they don’t run out of time.

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Indications Given For Air Ambulance

Useful application of helicopter services relies on the responder’s ability to see whether the patient’s condition requires air medical pickup. Protocols and training should be developed to ensure that proper protocols are applied. Excessively stringent standards can prevent immediate care and transportation of trauma victims; relaxed criteria may result in the patient unnecessarily exposed to the potential dangers of dangerous weather or other aviation-related risks.

Patient and crew safety is the single most vital factor to consider when deciding whether to move a patient by helicopter. Weather, traffic patterns, and distances must even be considered. One more reason for canceling a flight is on the flight crew’s convenience on the flight. The general rule of safety rests upon the staff. When there’s one pilot, and two medical crew is:

“3 to go, 1 to mention ‘NO'”. If one flight member isn’t comfortable with the flight, the flight stands canceled.


In conclusion, air ambulance care is essential for patients to ensure their safety. Along with the motive of getting to the hospital in a quick time, the patient is the top priority.