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air ambulance services in Vietnam

Air Ambulance services in Vietnam

Air ambulance services in Vietnam- Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most delightful nations, drawing in voyagers to its rich mountains, clamoring urban areas and brilliant sand sea shores. Regardless of quick modernisation in Vietnam’s urban focuses of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, revered customs stay unblemished among local people. There are various antiquated milestones and provincial structures that have made due all through the knocks and scratches of history.

Buddhist sanctuaries can be found by transcending high rises, where you can encounter energetic celebrations and functions going back many years. Long, sandy sea shores are home to rich retreats and top notch food settings, making them perfect sentimental escapes, while sweeping rice patios on the slopes make for incredible climbing journeys.

We are one of the fastest and most advanced emergency services you can have in the city of Vietnam. We can shift the serious patients using the vehicle that is completely equipped with the ICU and advanced life-saving equipment. Further, we also have a specialized and registered medical team who will assist the patient and take care of the emergency needs during travelling. We offer round the clock air ambulance service and work for the wellness of crucial medical conditions of the patients.


Why air ambulance?

Places like Vietnam are highly populated, and the need for medical emergencies is constantly increasing. In this high traffic, it is not so easy to shift the patient from one place to the other within a short time. Here comes the importance of air ambulance services. It is quite fast, safe and a time-saving mode of travel. When it comes to the air means, the helicopter is the highly preferred one. With the team of medical professionals and the life-saving equipment, it guarantees to save one’s life.

How do we serve for emergency needs?

The guest or family member of the patient can call or visit us directly. We collect the necessary medical information and forward it to the medical team. They discuss the necessary aspects and call back to the guest and inform them about the process. We arrive with the vehicle equipped with the necessary equipment and the medical team who can work to save the patient during an emergency during shifting. We take further responsibility and shift the patient from the source to the destination.

So, when you are stuck up with the medical emergency of your loved ones, do not get tense. There is always a solution for it. Approach us, and we will help in shifting the patient


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