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Medical Tourism from Bangladesh: Your Gateway to Global Healthcare Excellence

medical tourism from bangladesh

Medical Tourism from Bangladesh: Your Gateway to Global Healthcare Excellence

In the pursuit of quality healthcare, borders are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Medical tourism offers patients access to specialized treatments, cutting-edge technologies, and often more affordable care. Bangladesh, due to its evolving healthcare landscape, is a prime example of a nation turning to medical tourism for solutions. Humancare World Wide has been at the forefront of this movement since 2004, connecting Bangladeshi patients with world-class healthcare providers across the globe.

Bangladesh's Healthcare Challenges

While Bangladesh has made significant improvements in healthcare, it still faces challenges:

    • Dual Disease Burden : The country struggles with both communicable diseases and a rising incidence of non-communicable diseases like cancer, which causes over 150,000 deaths annually.


    • Limited Resources : Bangladesh allocates only 2.34% of its GDP to health – one of the lowest rates in South Asia.


    • Cost Barriers : A 45% import tax on medical equipment and supplies (significantly higher than India’s 12%) hinders affordability and access to advanced healthcare within the country.


Humancare World Wide: Bridging the Gap

Humancare World Wide understands these challenges and is committed to empowering Bangladeshis with healthcare choices. Our key strengths include:

  • Global Network :  We partner with over 3500 international multispecialty hospitals and 7000 medical clinics across India, the UAE, Oman, Turkey, Singapore, Kenya, and Canada.
  • Patient-First Approach :  We offer personalized guidance and three tailored treatment plans, ensuring informed choices that meet both medical and financial needs.
  •  Virtual Consultations : Speak directly to international specialists before travel, promoting informed decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Support : Our services cover visas, logistics, interpreters, and even cultural experiences, so you can focus on your health.

Specialized Medical Expertise: Your Path to Comprehensive Care

Humancare World Wide understands that healthcare needs are as diverse as the individuals we serve. That’s why we facilitate access to a wide range of medical solutions, connecting you with world-class specialists in the following fields:

  • Life-saving Cardiac Care : Access cutting-edge cardiac procedures, including minimally invasive surgeries, complex heart valve replacements, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), and advanced heart failure management. Our partner hospitals utilize state-of-the-art technology and have experienced cardiac surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Advanced Cancer Treatments : We connect you with leading cancer centers offering the latest advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and care. This includes surgical oncology, radiation therapy (including advanced techniques like proton therapy), chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and personalized cancer care.
  • Cosmetic Enhancements : Achieve your aesthetic goals with safe and effective cosmetic procedures performed by skilled surgeons. Our network includes specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery offering a wide range of options, from facial rejuvenation to body contouring procedures.
  • Neurological interventions : If you’re seeking treatment for complex neurological conditions, we can connect you with renowned neurosurgeons and neurologists. They offer expertise in brain and spinal surgeries, stroke management, epilepsy treatment, deep brain stimulation, and other advanced therapies.
  • Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapies in India : Experience the healing power of traditional Indian medicine with Ayurveda. Immerse yourself in authentic rejuvenation programs, including personalized herbal remedies, dietary recommendations, yoga, meditation, and other holistic therapies for overall well-being. We primarily connect patients with renowned centers in Kerala, India.

The Power of Choice

Humancare World Wide believes that healthcare should be accessible and affordable. With medical tourism, Bangladeshi patients gain access to a wider range of options, advanced technologies, and the expertise of renowned specialists worldwide. We help you navigate the journey every step of the way.

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