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Home Covid Testing & Diagnostics

Home Covid Testing & Diagnostics services

Home Covid Testing & Diagnostics

Home Covid Testing & Diagnostics services

We are currently living in a challenging time, and with medical progression and public awareness, we can look forward to coming out of this concern. Coronavirus infection has hit hard in many countries globally, and it is necessary to take and abide the preventive measures against the spread of this disease.

Coronaviruses are a specific cluster of viruses that are known for affecting animals. However, Coronaviruses can also affect and impact humans with great certainty. Most humans have been afflicted with the actions of this virus at least once in their lives—the symptoms of this viral infection range from mild fever and cold along with flu and respiratory diseases. The SARS epidemic is one of the previous Coronaviruses infections that originated in the past. Moreover, those who are suffering from the Coronavirus infection tend to have gut problems as well, and in such cases, diseases such as diarrhea are commonly recorded.

Currently, Coronavirus infections have shaken people from all over the world due to their fast-paced spread and impact. As a result, people are highly recommended to seek medical help as soon as they encounter a symptom in their system.

Home Covid Testing & Diagnostics Services

Most of the people who live in overly populated cities might find it extremely difficult and inconvenient to visit clinics and labs to have their health and immunity checked. This can raise the spread of Coronavirus immensely. Spending so much time outdoors for Covid Testing where traffic jams can block you can impact your well-being and expose you to the viral infection even more. So, the best course of action will be to sit back at home and have your health tested and diagnostics for Covid by experts.

As it turns out, we provide the exact medical facilities that you are looking for. Our health experts will visit your home to receive your blood samples not to have to move an inch outside your house. Moreover, the lab reports will also be sent directly to your address once the analysis is over. As a result, you do not have to bear the burden of visiting a clinic to have your blood sample tested. So, eventually, you will save yourself from the possibility of Coronavirus infection by maintaining a proper safeguard.

Book an Appointment for Blood Sample Collection for Covid

If you are suffering from any of the COVID-19 symptoms, you should not leave your place and maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter. So, it is perilous to visit a public hospital in such a situation because you can effectively spread the virus if diagnosed. Hence, it is highly recommended to you avail of our services and provide your blood samples to our experts who will come right to your doorstep. Moreover, the lab report of your samples shall also be sent to you within a day or two. This does not only protect you from the hazards of the infection, but as a responsible citizen, you are potentially saving others from falling prey to Coronaviruses.

Our medical technology is based on the latest advancements, and thus, you can be free to trust our diagnosis with utmost reliability. Besides collecting blood samples, we also inhibit liver tests, kidney tests, thyroid tests and cardiac markers, ECG, Portable USG, and Urinalysis. So, all you have to do is call us, and we will send our team right away.

Abide by these norms to be safe from COVID-19 infection

Apart from fighting against viral infection, there are specific steps that every individual must follow to be safe from being affected. The preventive measures are as follows:

  1. Avoid shaking hands of other people in public.
  2. Avoid touching door handles and other public objects that may contact other people.
  3. Regularly use paper towels to touch objects and keeping your hands safe.
  4. Wash your hands now and then, and make sure to follow an effective pattern to get rid of all potential germs and grime from your hands.
  5. Always remember to cover your face while sneezing or coughing in public. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to minimize the spread of the virus as much as possible.
  6. Make sure to always use a disinfectant on the shared objects that you touch or sit upon, and keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times.
  7. Maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter when you are in a public setting.