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Air Ambulance Services in Patna

Air Ambulance Services in Patna

Humancare Wold Wide a top world-class emergency patient transportation provider in India, is offering the best air ambulance services in Patna for the patients who are in need of immediate or emergency medical care in Patna city and nearby. At HUMANCARE, our air ambulance service is a comprehensive patient transfer solution, backed by a team of experienced doctors, flying medics and paramedic technicians. We offer domestic medical air ambulance services that are fully equipped with the most advanced emergency medical equipment and technology.

At HUMANCARE, our emergency medical crew and paramedics have gone through renowned critical care training programs such as emergency medical care, pre-hospital care and extracorporeal membrane oxygenator services etc. All our doctors are well-trained and highly experienced professionals who can help patients with all types of emergency medical treatment services. Our technicians use advanced treatment techniques and the latest life-saving equipment to stabilize the patient’s medical emergency in no time.

Call now +91-9699999065 to get more information about HUMANCARE’s Air Ambulance Services in Patna, Bihar India.

Air Ambulance Services in Patna


About Patna City:

Patna is an ancient and historical city which is also known as Pataliputra. It is the capital city of Bihar, India. The city lies about 290 miles northwest of Kolkata. Patna city is along the south bank about 12 miles of Ganga river.

Patna city has all sorts of schools and hospitals for the residents. People here have so many boarding and lodging facilities across various religious centres such as SIKH’S Gurudwara, Hindu temples and mosques etc. The city is highly renowned for historical places like Bihar museum, Ḥusayn Shah of Bengal mosque, Gurudwara, Golghar, Patna Museum, University of Patna etc.

As per Times of India, 1700 road accidents were reported in Patna last year. The poor urban transport facilities, inadequate mass transport system, violation of traffic rules, rash vehicle driving are major causes of road accidents in Patna. Emergency and non-emergency patient transport at HUMANCARE allow airlifting of patients who are unable to travel on the ground (road) transport for medical treatment. We offer world-class quality air ambulance services at very affordable prices in Patna.

                                                                                            Why Choose Us?

Our medical team is properly skilled and highly qualified. We are punctual and experienced many other companies. We provide tailor-made answers to our sufferers as now not they all have equal requirements. In mumbai, Our air ambulance services are furnished with global requirements to our sufferers. We have many multi-specialist hospitals linked to our services for clean patient access and top emergency air ambulance services at its best. we are available 24/7 for sufferers. Our fulfillment in life-saving is very excessive as compared to many different such agencies in India. We even are increasing our services to international Soon in India, we are able to be amongst the nice in India to provide worldwide air transfer hospitals if the sufferers in our air ambulance are in want of them and will afford international transport. via our air ambulances services along with skilled paramedics at an affordable cost on time.

HUMANCARE is available at single click away via email, sms or whatsapp etc. or Search in Google as “air ambulance services near me.” Contact HUMANCARE right now for the best medical emergency services. Our emergency medical transit centers in India include:

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